According to English Dictionary, a Bootcamp is generally looked at as a reform school. Read more to know if our Photography bootcamps are something similar and if you need to join one.

Read on and see if this sounds familiar…

  • You buy a shiny new DSLR with all your hard earned money.
  • You read free articles and blogs, you watch youtube videos, you even read the camera manual.
  • You attended a workshop to learn the basics of photography. Post-processing too.
  • You think you’re now ready to click the pictures that will blow everyone’s minds off.
  • You go out on that wildlife safari, or that exotic location and you shoot 300 frames.
  • But when you transfer the pictures onto your laptop—you feel like trashing them all.

Results are nothing like what you had thought or visualised. You don’t like the composition, you’ve forgotten all the basics and you’ve missed the timing because you were struggling with the camera setting.

Ring a bell?

Problem is not in your camera or the basic course you attended or the techniques you learnt. Challenge really is—how do you put it ALL together when you’re out on the field shooting? How can you create those images that you can be deeply satisfied and proud of?

How do you check the light? What camera settings should you use? What focus system and metering mode do you need for landscape v/s wildlife v/s portraits? Why does a professional photographer get an incredible bokeh and a shallow depth of field and you don’t? If composition is the king, can it be taught or do you have to have an inherent “eye” for it?

Bad results lead to self doubts. It leads to blaming your camera or lens. You blame it on the lack of your understanding of post-processing. And all this leads to falling out of love from a hobby that you were so passionate about. These are the days when you’re distracted and can’t focus. Days when you are one photograph away from announcing that you don’t want to try any photography again. Days when you think of putting your camera and lens on OLX or Quickr…

 Does all this sound familiar?

Here’s what we think can help.

Imagine working with a mentor who works with you at a personal level. Someone who understands the mistakes you’re making in photography. Someone who walks you through and then holds your hand as you start to walk.

 We are talking of a controlled environment where you don’t just learn theory in a class or practice the theory you’ve learnt in some city park or hotel garden. But, you actually get to shoot what you WANT to shoot. We are talking about taking you to a national park near you, a landscape hotspot in your city or a birding lake within your reach. We are talking about theories (No, not shutter speed, ISO and Aperture) and we talking about post-processing. And we will do this over and over AND over again till you get tired, but have a broad smile of confidence.

Yes we are talking about a BOOTCAMP. And true to the spirit of any bootcamp, these programs are designed to strengthen your technical knowledge AND your creativity for stronger composition and execution.

So what boot camp will do for you?

First— It will put everything in perspective. Truly everything. From giving the basic steps to making things easy— visualizing, composing and creating— all in live conditions.

Second—focus on SIMPLICITY. Simplicity is the secret. And it works. It will allow you to take a deep breath and give you a sense of focus. Focus in creating awesome photographs. It will ALSO teach you to not be everywhere.

Although bootcamp is simple, it delivers results. It’s not just basic. It is basic++. It works on the foundations you already have and then it builds. It has one goal and one goal only— To make you a better photographer. Holistically. Completely.

Bootcamp is for someone who wants to jump on a scale of 0 (Lowest) to 10 (highest), from 2.5 to 6. This is all of the training, support and advice you’ll ever need.

Our bootcamps are two day programs with or without accommodation, during which we aim to provide as much learning as we possibly can in the chosen location. Its not just mastering the hardware and working with software, learning with us is all about how do you start thinking like a master story teller, illuminate those portraits, craft and control the light, visualise in colour and perfect every frame.

At the bootcamp, our goal is to provide a supportive, inspirational community where photographers of all levels can build confidence in their creative and technical skills to achieve their personal and professional photographic goals. This is what we call— Photographic Readiness. Whether you’re looking to go on that wildlife safari to shoot majestic lions or royal tigers or a holiday destination for some dreamy sunrise or sunset or create those beautiful portraits with soft lights, THIS is where it all begins. You first get photography ready before, you confidently go out to pursue your dream and make everyone fall in love with each frame you create.

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