GoodShotz has launched it’s photography learning app for iOS and Android phones. The app is designed for photographers of all levels to to learn and develop their photography skills. It has over 80+ video tutorials with more videos being added every month. These videos are a result of our culminated knowledge and experiences gathered over the last few years. With this app you will also get access to monthly webinars conducted by GoodShotz. Also get expert tips and tricks on photography from leading Photographers. You will be the first to know about any upcoming phototours and be eligible to avail discounts on them.Most interestingly, there will be contests. GoodShotz mentors will choose a theme and you can upload images based on that particular theme. The winner will get Goodshotz goodies,tokens of appreciation and who knows, maybe an all expense paid trip on one of our phototours. The best part about this app is the discussion panel, where you will be able to view your work as well as works of other photographers and be able to compare, contrast and critique. Discuss your theories,issues and any conceptual problems you have with experts in the field. Knowledge building and knowledge sharing all on the same platform. This app is your one stop shop for all knowledge related to Photography.

The GoodShotz app is available for download on the Play store and App Stores.