Post-Processing Bootcamp

A 2-Day Online Programme #LearnFromHome

Batch Dates: 16–17 October 2021

Timings: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm IST


Full Bootcamp: INR 1499/-
Full Bootcamp + Recording: INR 1999/-

lightroom online workshop

Surbhi Kaushik 

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Day 1

16 October 2021 (2-hr session)
• 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm IST

Day 2
17 October 2021 (3-hr session)
• 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm IST — Image review with Bobby Joshi & Surbhi Kaushik 
• 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm IST


All participants who have registered & paid, will be sent a detailed e-mail on how to join and make most out of this webinar. We will be using ZOOM meeting for the webinar, and you can download the app here.


Online Bootcamp is a unique concept by GoodShotz to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience. This is a great way to begin your learning journey towards mastery of end-to-end processes in photography.

Be it the concepts of photography or post-processing—our boot camp is all you need to gain confidence in your art.

At the bootcamp, our goal is to provide a supportive, inspirational community where photographers of all levels can build confidence in their creative and technical skills to achieve their personal and professional photographic goals.

In this online workshop, you can join GoodShotz, from the comfort of your home. The mentor will share their screen and help you to elevate your photography level from entry level to proficient.

This course is specifically designed to equip you with the comprehensive knowledge and skills that are essential to achieving your photographic goals. The course is geared towards aspiring professionals and passionate enthusiasts. Let our expert photography team start you on your craft like a pro.


Day 1

  1. Insights into an artist’s mind — How to approach post-processing
  2. Tools and techniques you need to know in Light Room, Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop:
    • Targeted adjustments
    • HSL, Split toning, Sharpening & Noise reduction
    • Customising photoshop workspace
    • Understanding Panels, Windows, Menus and Tools
    • The concept of Layers and Layer Masks
    • Layer Blending Options
    • The adjustment menu
    • Selection tools
    • Refining Selection
    • Move/hide/heal/add objects
    • Exporting Image for various platforms
  3. End of the day 1 and assignments for practice

Day 2

  1. Review assignments from Day 1 with Bobby Joshi & Surbhi Kaushik 
  2. Reading light for processing – Emulating & Creating Natural Light
  3. How to Emphasise the light in ACR/LR and Photoshop for spectacular results
  4. Creating dramatic mood
  5. Balancing colors for harmony
  6. Editing the RAW for multiple exposure
  7. Understanding color grading
  8. Watermark your images with customised signature
  9. Perfecting end results
  10. End of the day 2 and assignments for practice



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