To begin with, it is fun to photograph with like minded people who share your passion. A phototour is almost like a vacation, but the kind where you get to explore new destinations which already have a proven record of being “photographer friendly”. Its where you make new friends with similar interests, plus you get to improve your skills with the help of a talented professional. You don’t have to waste time in finding points of interests or arranging local transport to get from one point to another because somebody else has already done that for you. You let someone else create an itinerary and take care of your little needs, while you concentrate solely on your passion.

Here are some helpful tips on how should you choose which photo tour to go. Ask yourself these 5 questions before you sign up for a tour :

  1. Does this particular photographer who’s leading the tour, and his work inspire and motivate you to want to take photos with same flair and style? Will he get busy shooting for his own website and fan page or will he give attention to your needs too? 

  2. How many people will go on the tour? Larger the group—difficult to cultivate the camaraderie and provide a true learning experience. Will you return with bucket loads of vacation snap shots or limited editions of priceless moments?

  3. Is the itinerary crafted to make the most of your photography? Is it a standard tour taking you to popular touristy destinations, or is it truly a serious photography trip.

  4. What will the mentor teach me? It’s not possible to learn 10 new things. Instead, focus on the 3 things you want out of the tour and be sure to tell your mentor your expectations right in the beginning.

  5. How immersed do you want to be? Some tours are relaxed in nature, while some are very intense and demanding, with long schedules to accommodate early morning or late evening shooting. Choose one that suits you.


GoodShotz conducts phototours ranging from three day bootcamps to week long photo tours. GoodShotz mentors travel along with you and mentor you in learning both on and off the field. Knowledge transfer happens in a relaxed and comforting environment.You can check out our recently conducted and upcoming tours here.