Bootcamp — Basic to Advanced

2–4 September 2022

3 Days / 8 Sessions

Proficiency: Basic to Advanced

Photography + Post-Processing | Aerial


INR 2,750/- Per Session
Total Fee: INR 22,000 + 5% GST


This bootcamp is for photographers of all skill levels. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, you are guaranteed to find a lot to learn and benefit from this bootcamp. This program is designed to get you started in your journey of professional photography as a possible alternate, or an additional source of income.

Learning about photography by reading a tutorial online while you sit on your couch is certainly one way to improve your photography. But actually getting out there with like-minded individuals and exploring your talents as a photographer in a jaw-dropping location is definitely worth the time, money and effort!


Some of the reasons why we recommend joining a formal bootcamp are:

  • You have the chance to learn a lot in a relatively short period of time.
  • This is a practical workshop — theory of photography and post-processing will come alive in front of your eyes and you will be the one executing it.
  • You will be processing and creating images like pros and will learn end-to-end skills in bringing your vision come to life.
  • You will learn the most complex post-processing divided into simplified 4 sessions of over 8 hours with ample time to practice what you learn on the images you have shot.
  • You will get 1×1 attention with your mentor during this time and will have a lot of time to clarify your doubts and cement your skills.
  • You’re out and about in some of the most spectacular locations.
  • Visiting iconic locations like Munnar as part of a photography workshop only amplifies the inspiration you find. You feed off the energy of the other photographers and the group leaders.
  • You find another degree of passion for photography and landscapes that you didn’t know existed.
  • Revelling in the success of your peers as you share images and offer feedback to one another further inspires you to be better too.
  • A problem in modern photography is that too many of us are wrapped up in trying to replicate what others do. We see images on Instagram and try to redo what’s already been done.
  • Workshops like this actually allows and focuses more on developing your own voice and photographic style. In the supportive environment of a photo workshop, you feel free to experiment with your approach and learn new ways of seeing the world through your camera.
  • What’s more, you can find new ways of challenging yourself to learn technical or artistic skills that will improve the quality of your photography.
  • Finally, the immersive nature of a photography workshop makes all this possible in a very short period of time. If you want to quickly improve your skill set and produce images with a wider visual appeal, a photography workshop is the way to do it!


Post-Processing Session – (2:00 pm to 4:00 pm)

    • Meet & greet and general introduction
    • Art and science of post-processing images
    • Powerful and Hidden features of ACR
    • Advanced techniques of processing in ACR
    • How to build and enhance the light in ACR
    • The power of HSL and split toning
    • Balancing colours, noise reduction and working with curves in ACR
    • Adobe Photoshop: Basic workflow (layers, layer masks, selection tools etc)
    • Non-destructive workflow in Photoshop using layer and layer-mask technique
    • Selection tools for targeted adjustment

Photography Session – (4:00 pm to 6:45 pm)

  • Meet at 4:00 pm at the location of the shoot (which will be disclosed to the participants who are confirmed)
  • Expectation setting for the evening shoot
  • Agenda for the Photography Bootcamp session 1:
    • Importance of visualization
    • Think like a professional photographer
    • Read and work with light
    • Getting the right exposure and metering
    • Understanding histogram for tones and RGB histogram for colours
    • Controlling the exposure triangle for creative photography
    • Controlling Focus and Depth of field to create a depth in an image
    • Creating sunbursts (weather permitting) for stunning images
    • Find Various elements to construct an image
    • Creating compelling compositions
    • Balancing the Visual weight
    • Using lines in Photography
    • Work with Textures
    • Find and use natural Shapes
    • Using various Rules in Photography
    • Working with colour balance and theory
    • Bootcamp ends at 6:45 pm


Photography Session – 2 (5:30 am to 7:30 am)

  • Meet at 5 am at the location of the shoot (which will be disclosed to the participants who are confirmed
  • Expectation setting for the morning shoot
  • Agenda for the Photography Bootcamp session 2:
    • Read light and work with strengthening light
    • Using Foregrounds
    • Working with scale in compositions
    • Find Layers to show the depth in an image
    • Work with natural frames to enhance an image
    • Creating sunburst (weather permitting) for stunning images
    • Find natural subjects for storytelling
    • Introduce a subject for storytelling
    • Shooting from a high point
    • Find subjects for compressed compositions
    • Bootcamp ends at 7:45 am

Post-Processing Session — 2 (2:00 pm to 4:00 pm)

    • Adjust right exposure & white balance for your image
    • Techniques and tools to create the right light in your image
    • How to use curves and levels to punch up your image
    • Various selection tools available in Photoshop
    • Dodge and burn to create specific light and colours
    • Create light – enhance light – follow the light principle
    • Introduction to Luminosity mask using TKpanel
    • Creating your own signature/watermark

Photography Session — 3 (4:00 pm to 6:30 pm)

  • Meet at 4 pm at the location of the shoot (which will be disclosed to the participants who are confirmed
  • Expectation setting for the evening shoot
  • Agenda for the Photography Bootcamp session 3:
    • Use lines to create depth in an image
    • Photographing dynamic subject in real-time scenario
    • Photographing sunset
    • Photographing shapes
    • Reinforce and reiterate learning from the previous sessions
    • Bootcamp ends at 7 pm


Photography Session — 4 (5:30 am to 7:30 am)

  • Meet at 5:00 am at the location of the shoot (which will be disclosed to the participants who are confirmed
  • Expectation setting for the morning shoot
  • Agenda for the Photography Bootcamp session 4:
    • Day 3 fourth session is working with 1 body and 2 lenses (wide-angle and a tele lens)
    • Finding the right visual weight with multiple elements
    • Finding natural subjects
    • Practising all theories learnt in the previous 3 sessions

Post-Processing Session — 3 (Online – 2 hrs) Date will be discussed and shared during the tour.

Post-Processing Session – 4 (Online – 2 hrs) Date will be discussed and shared during the tour.

WHAT TO EXPECT ( click to expand )

Join GoodShotz and its experienced mentors on this bootcamp to Munnar.

The bootcamp will comprise of extensive shoots in Munnar and its hidden corners. From gazing at gorgeous sunrises, shooting through the day and ending it with the most eloquent sunsets in the most picturesque locations, this trip will evoke you to return here again and again.

Buckle up, this will be an experience like no other. You will be pushed early mornings and late evenings, but we promise that you will take back breathtaking shots that will make you a better travel photographer.


ABOUT MUNNAR ( click to expand )

A trip to Munnar is an awakening of sorts. The endless tea estates manage to titillate your senses and refresh your mind. Everywhere you look seems sprung with beauty au naturel — shrouded by the western ghats, this ‘Kashmir of South India’ keeps some of the most gigantic falls, tea gardens, wondrous views, and pristine lakes nestled within its lap.

TERMS ( click to expand )
FAQ ( click to expand )

NOTE: Upon finalization of the group, you will be added to a whatsapp group and all updates will be shared with you frequently.

What payment modes do you accept?

We accept online all credit and debit cards. Additionally, you can also make bank transfers. We don’t accept cash.


What gear do I need to take?

Must have:

  • Camera body (two are recommended for backup, as you don’t go frequently on a trip like this), Wide angle / kit lens (18mm and beyond). If you can rent or carry super wide angle or fish-eye (8mm and beyond) lens, it would greatly play to your advantage. Mid-tele/tele lens is also recommended.
  • Laptop for post processing.


    • Drone: If you own a drone you can bring it on this tour for photography/videography. NOTE: Let us know about this in advance for us to take necessary permissions.

If you have any questions on what gear you should take, talk to us and we will be happy to help you out.


  • Intermediary to advance level photography tour and workshop with basic knowledge of camera and Adobe Photoshop/Light Room is a pre-requisite.
  • Anyone who’s over 18 can attend. Under 18 year should be accompanied by adult guardian or parents.

Day 1

Post-Processing Session 1INR 2,750
Photography Session 1INR 2,750

Day 2

Photography Session 2INR 2,750
Post-Processing Session 2INR 2,750
Photography Session 3INR 2,750

Day 3

Photography Session 4INR 2,750
Post-Processing Session 3INR 2,750
Post-Processing Session 4INR 2,750

Full Bootcamp — INR 22,000/-

Transport (Cochin Airport>Munnar + All shoots>Cochin Airport) — INR 6,500/- (optional)



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