The iconic windows wallpaper – the most viewed photograph in the world. The image titled “BLISS” shows a lush green hill with fragmented clouds in the sky. It was taken by an American photographer Charles O Rear. Charles O Rear, or ‘Chuck’ as he was fondly called started his photography career with a local newspaper around 1961.After working for a couple of years with different newpapers, he joined The National Geographic magazine in 1971 and went on to work with the magazine for the next 25 years. This photograph was taken in 1996 while he was cruising along the Sonoma Highway in California. He shot this on a Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera mounted on a tripod with  Fujifilm’s Velvia  film, which is known, amongst photographers, to enhance and saturate colours. Later he sold the image to Microsoft, right before its Windows XP release in 2001, for an undisclosed sum. Charles O Rear never disclosed the amount but it was definitely one of the highest prices paid for a single image. He claims firmly that the image was not retouched or manipulated in any way. ‘Straight out of the camera’ were his words. Microsoft cropped the image a bit and increased the vibrancy of the grass. But apart from that, there were no edits. Considering the far reach of the Windows OS, it is safe to say that this photograph was (and maybe still is) viewed by billions of people around the world. Recently, 21 years after Bliss was shot, Lufthansa Airlines recruited O’Rear to shoot “the next generation of wallpapers.” For smartphones. The project is titled New Angles of America.